“Long story short, it was a huge hit with a group of students that needed additional math intervention. This was roughly 70 students, and a number of them genuinely struggled with fractions at this grade level.”

- K-8 education specialist

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Funterra doesn’t look or feel like a traditional classroom - that’s by design. Instead, our content amplifies curiosity and creativity - integral traits of a life-long learner - by teaching students the keys to self-motivated study.

Planting Seeds

Preparing for the Future

In an ever-changing information landscape, it’s crucial that students become a “learn-it-all.” Adaptability and versatility will be a must in the marketplace of the future, and establishing early habits toward these ends will help your students succeed both in school, and far beyond.

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Build Connections

Funterra helps teachers show how the videos and games your students enjoy connect to an underlying learning objective. None of the stress of grades or scores - we help you start a casual dialogue that gets your students excited about their learning horizons.

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Bite-sized Rewards

Congratulate your class for a job well done by sharing funny videos, challenging games, or engaging activities. You can be confident that our content is safe, entertaining and educational. Even better – no prep required; just browse, discover and enjoy!

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Standards-Aligned Content for Students K-6

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Something For Every Learner

Explore Funterra and unearth a rich world of exciting stories, intriguing wonders, daring challenges, and more. Funterra is where curious minds come to find inspiration and foster skills that promote a lifetime of learning.


Where Curious Minds Play

Brought to you by SMART Technologies, makers of award-winning ed-tech solutions, Funterra is our answer to the challenges of traditional learning. In this new world, your student’s classroom can be anywhere - but their teacher can’t. More than ever, students are in need of educational content that grabs their attention and channels their focus.

Funterra isn’t myopically focused on short-term gains. Our goal is to help your students lay the groundwork for a lifetime of curiosity by developing traits like creativity, resourcefulness, perseverance, and empathy. We fill in the gaps that traditional curriculums ignore in a setting that lets students feel comfortable and confident.


How Is Funterra Different?

Funterra is designed to capture everyday learning opportunities from a wide gamut of entertaining content with an educational backbone.

Inspired by classics like Reading Rainbow and Oregon Trail, our goal is to get kids learning in ways that don't reflect the traditional classroom.


How is Funterra Different?

Funterra is designed to create spontaneous moments of learning in your student’s everyday experience. We teach them how to view the world with a probing mind, unraveling the mysteries of daily life while having a ton of fun. We don’t want the learning to stop when they turn off the computer. We build habits that empower students to see every situation as an opportunity to learn.

What makes Funterra different from other educational platforms is our attention to the bigger picture. Inspired by classics like Reading Rainbow and Oregon Trail, our videos and games all fit into a broader framework designed to help your students stay two-steps ahead of school standards.

Whether you’re supplementing your student’s schooling or creating a custom at-home-learning plan, Funterra offers a wealth of fun, engaging videos and games that help them achieve their learning goals.

Free Access to Standards-Aligned Content

Funterra’s content has been carefully curated by the same education-focused minds that created SMART Technologies, makers of the SMART Board and other ed-tech products found in 3+ million classrooms around the world. SMART has partnered with the leading K-6 educators to handpick videos and games, and activities that align with today’s education standards. You can get access to all of our standards-aligned content with a free account and let your students enjoy our “edutainment” content that aligns with NGSS, Common Core and MORE!